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    Post  likrmikr1204 on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:29 pm

    1-Name:Brian DeSousa

    2-Game Name:Brian DeSOusa




    6-Explain yourself:Hi im Brian, Yes my real life name is also Brian DeSousa, I am Canadian and I love rpgs. My family originated from Portugal but I was born in Canada. When I was six I was exposed to horrible things. Then when I was eight I grew to love those horrible things. Since I was eight I was raised a christian. At ten I was addicted to ecchi anime. Ecchi translates to "lude and sexy". Ever since I have been watching animes like that. Also at the age of ten I had become an artist. I mostly got into drawing anime and cartoons. This is really the only intresting things about me. The rest of stuff is boring. This is my in game charectars in game story.
    Before the apocalypse I was born in Los Santos. Raised by my parents till I was sixteen. When I was 16 my parents died. None of my mom or dads relatives lived anywhere near Los Santos. So I raised myself till I was 18. Then I moved to Los Vantures. Soon after I moved I joined the LVPD. I trained for a few monthes at a boot camp to become a LVPD cop. Soon after my training was done I finally got a full time job as a LVPD cop. I was still a rookie at the time. Only after two monthes of being a cop the rest of my relatives died. They were all murrdered. I didn't really matter to me becase I barely knew my relatives. After almost a year had gone by they had finaly given up on calling me rookie. After the year was finished in January 5th, they gave me a rookie for a partner and some better training. Me and the rookie got along real well. After about half a year later on a forien news channell I herd about a new disease tha was starting in some country. I just ignored it thinking it would be nothing. After a month later my rookie died in a gun shooting. This had not bothered me because I did not know that he was dead yet. A few monthes later twards the end of the year I was relaxing in my office on the top floor. I herd some smashing and screaming on the main floor. After a while I went to go check it out. When I got to the main floor the windows were broken and the door was knocked down. But no one was arround. Then I herd some screaming from the cells in the bottom floor. I quickly ran down to the cells. When I got down I then saw an officier wating one of the jailed criminals. I went closer to speak to him. He then turned around and grabed my knee. I then quickly pulled out my pistol and shot him in the head. Then I backed away slowly. Soon after the criminal started crawling twards me. I then shot him in the head to. After that at least 4 zombies came down from the main floor. I was cornered. Then some S.T.A.R.S members came and helped me. They then took me to soem shelter. They gave me some food and a hot drink. The rest of that day is a blur.
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    Post  snake on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:52 pm

    You have been accepted

    Congratulations you have been accepted into the ranks of the U.C.

    Thank you, General Snake

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