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    New Faction: Red Tab


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    New Faction: Red Tab

    Post  David_Barbosa on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:38 am

    Faction is Call: Red Tab

    What they do: There are like Zombie but Stronger, There Health is about 400% Health,
    and they got a long Tong that can pull you back.One Bite can lose Half of your Health/Armor.
    They can Blowup but must be near you to blowup like Left for Dead Boomer ,you will be Blind for 10sec after the 10 seconds youe vision come back.

    When Entering the Faction:When you type /RT=Red Tab [Password] it will ask you if you want to be a Hunter,Boomer,Whitch.

    Commands of the Faction:
    Smoker =only use this /tong (You get Pull bye the Tong bye The Red Tab Zombie)

    Whitch= Only use this/bite (You will lose 50% of your Health/Armor)

    Boomer= only use this /blowup (If they Die or they type /Blowup Near you,you will lose vision for 10sec)

    Other Comment: Yeah it is Cool,Geting Drag bye a Tong or loseing your Vision about 10ses and the Boomer blowup near you.Or lose healf of your Health/Armor from a Witch.

    Copied from another server
    New Arrival
    New Arrival

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    Re: New Faction: Red Tab

    Post  B_Jaxx on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:55 am


    I don't like it. ^^ It's too..L4D-ish, ya know?

    The tongue thing would be close to impossible to do.
    Bite would be difficult, because you'd have to type the command,
    though possible.
    and Blowup would be also close to impossible, because you only have
    a certain time limit to spawn after you die..Also if you get killed
    during drive by, then you can't use it anyways. Razz

    Not a terrible idea, I just don't think that it'd work.
    New Arrival
    New Arrival

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    Re: New Faction: Red Tab

    Post  Amine_Mejrhirrou on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:04 pm

    man red tabs is a fation from Zombie Outbreak Rol play sever !! not this one !! you should not copy other servers !!

    Still Alive
    Still Alive

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    Re: New Faction: Red Tab

    Post  Oliver on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:13 am

    Amine_Mejrhirrou wrote:man red tabs is a fation from Zombie Outbreak Rol play sever !! not this one !! you should not copy other servers !!

    If this is true, then this thread is moved to the bin, we are not supposed to copy other servers.

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    Re: New Faction: Red Tab

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