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    Post  pivetor on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:07 am

    If you need any help with this at all let me know, im great with graphics, and i own 2 websites, and my latest site i just joined, i became a moderator/GFX Designer. If you would like to see the layout of my site feel free. Please do not copy any of out items as most are copyrighted.

    If you need anything just let me know, if you would like me to update anything let me know. I can add LOTS of stuff that will give this site the edge it needs. Like for starters make it PHPBB3, not 2.

    Here are some things i would HAVE TO CHANGE! The order of the forum, your forum is unorganized (no offense) It is plane, a preset design, and i am a graphics designer, so i would be able to create a lot of stuff to help inhance the view of this forum.

    You are on track of a lot of things, but its the design, and look of the forum thats keeping people away. If you would let me work on all of this, i would be able to help you out magnificently. Everything i make is made by me, and me only, so you do not have to worry about anything else.

    Fun: i will add some small little stuff, that will keep your members both more active, and at a *homey* feel apon them. Like adding more Zombie related smileys, and making a fun section.

    I can make this forum more high tech: I will add a tool bar at the bottom, whichs acts as a multi purpose item. It's functions are a bunch of items, i will make it with Built in games, a chatroom, links to your youtube, FB, twitter, ect. Random topics (this is top increase topic views, and have it so the members are more aware of your posts.

    Profile: i will add the most High tech moods, warning levels, ranks and much more to this forum as well.

    For more information on what i can add to this site to increase it, please PM me, or message me on FallOutWargasm.

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