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    Post  Blue on Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:34 pm

    Hunger Bar
    It would be better if there is a hunger bar...
    So if your hungry, your health will not decrease... But the hunger bar is the one which decrease
    ████████████████ [Armor]
    ████████████████ [Health]
    ████████████████ [Hunger]

    or it's also can be a %

    Government and Military
    We should have a government, the governor can like call for nuclear... Ask the military to search for any survivor or to quarantine a place
    Military don't have any scientist like STARS or UC... They cant cure people or infect people. The military job is to obey the governor

    Infection Suit:
    The Infection suit is only for STARS and UC, or other faction. So, if they wont just get infected in a hit, my suggestion... Another bar

    More Suggestion coming soon...

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