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    Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)


    New Arrival
    New Arrival

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    Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  Adrian_Grey on Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:49 pm

    -1 Name: Adrian Grey.
    -2 Game Name: Adrian Grey.
    -3 Kills: 1
    -4 Deaths: 3?
    -5 Explain yourself. I'm aware I've been trolling. Obviously for my personal benefit. I apologize. I have been RPing majorly on other servers to gain my knowledge, and skill of it up. I hope you'll finally come through to forgive me, and allow my to say how sorry I am for trolling you guys.

    Here is my character story I wrote, it's still in progress, but it'll show you I'm serious.

    Chapter I - Christmas!
    (Time: 2006, December 25th)

    I Woke up, it must've been around 5:15 AM in the morning. I through the blankets off me, and hopped off my bed, running out of my room, and down the stairs. I Saw a Christmas tree in the corner of my living room, and it must've had 20 Presents underneath! I ran back up the stairs, and rushed into my Mothers, and Fathers room.

    I yelled "It's chirstmas! Wake up! Wake up!"

    They glanced over their shoulder, and saw me almost bouncing on my two feet. They tossed the blankets off themself, and greeted me with a Good Morning. As they passed me, they patted my head, and walked down the stairs, into the kitchen. As they started on their coffee, I was laying on the floor, looking under the tree at all the presents. I must've saw about 12 that said "From Santa, To: Adrian". I knew Santa was just a fairy tail, yet, I still liked to try an believe he was real around christmas time. My mother said to me "You can go into your stocking if you want, we'll get to the presents in about 30 Minutes". I walked to the other side of the room, and took down my stocking, which was stuffed to the brim. I Emptied to all over the couch, and found a Tooth Brush, Mini-Flash Light,Tooth Paist, And a MP3 Player! I ignored everything besides the Flashlight, and the MP3 player. I ran up stairs to my room, and grabbed some scissors out of my Pencil Cup. I Sliced the end of the packaging off, and ravaged into the MP3 player. I grabbed the wire to the MP3 player, and plugged it into the MP3, and my computer. Then I pushed down on a switch that turns the computer On/Off. I went to download LimeWire, my Firewall didn't allow it, so I just removed it. I went to download some songs onto my MP3 player, it must've been 45 Minutes, and I didn't even notice. After, I glanced to my clock, it was already 6:15 AM. I sudden rushed down stairs, and left my MP3 player behind. I started to ravage under the tree, putting presents that were mine in a huge pile, and the presents that weren't, remained under the tree. I started with the big-presents first. I got a lot of things, but nothing that really interested me, especially a skateboard. No-one I know skates, how did my parents think I was suppose to learn? I ran out the door, and saw my friends riding new Bikes, Scooters, Hell, even Go-karts. I frowned, and walked back inside, and walked up stairs, to my room. I started to search for "How to ride a skateboard" On YouTube. I saw a few video's. Some were just plain out hilarious! Some were suppose to be humorous, but just failed. I posted what I got on my blog. And then I started to Google Wikipedia for any tips. After about 2 Hours past, someone knocked on my door. I left my seat, and walked down stairs, to the door, opening it, I saw my friend Jason.

    Jason greeted me, and asked "Hey, Adrian. What'd you get for christmas?"
    "Nothing. Oh, wait! I got a MP3 player, Skateboard, Airsoft Guns, and all that" I Replied, trying to make it seem I actually had a good christmas.
    "That's awesome!" Jason said, as I replied shortly "Be right back, I'm going to get my skateboard." "Alright" he said.
    As I rushed up stairs to my room, I grabbed my board, and rushed out the front door.
    I stepped onto my skateboard, and pushed off it for the very first time down my hill. I balanced, till I got around 6 MPH, then I bailed, tumbling down the hill, Jason chased after me.

    "Are you alright?!" Jason said, as I replied "Yeah, I'm fine... I think." while whipping small rocks and dirt off my shirt.
    "Here, let me show you my Go-Kart I got!" he said. "Sure, just a second, let me get my board."

    As I ran down the hill, I saw a kid, doing Board-Slides, and kickflips on the sidewalk with his skateboard. I stopped for a second, grabbing my board, and approached him, looking quiet interested.

    "Hey!" I shouted, as he turned to me, and said "Sup!"
    I showed him my skateboard, then asked "You wouldn't happen to know how to teach someone how to ride this, would you?"
    He replied "I could show you some stuff. How long you been boarding?" He asked.
    "Just got this today." I said, then he reviewed my board, saying "Man! This is a shit board, from Wall-Mart."
    "Uh... Yeah... It did feel kind'a crappy when I was riding." I said.
    "No wonder why you can't ride good. Here, I got a board, it's a Plan-B." He said.
    "Alright then." I replied, and he assisted me into his garage.
    He started to dig through old supplies, and found the skateboard, handing it to me.
    "It's an original." He said to me, smiling.

    I took the board, and rode out of his garage, feeling the smooth power of Plan-B. I could ride much better, I popped the tail by accident, and the shot out from under me, and it went flying into the boys car's wheel. I landed hard on my back, and stood after, holding the spot it hit. I felt major pain, and looking where I landed, I saw a huge rock. It must've been pocking into my Back muscles. I stood, and approached the board, popping the tail, and grabbing the nose.

    "It's alright, we all fall, and get used to it. But trust me, if you continue to practice, you'll become a pro some-day." he said.

    I nodded, and Jason came to me, and said "Well, you comin'?"

    "I uh... Gotta go." I said to the boy, then sharply afterward "Hey wait! What's your name? I'm Adrian."
    He replied "I'm Kiaka."

    I nodded, and followed Jason, where he showed me his Go-Kart...

    Chapter II - Oh Gee, Skatepark?
    (Time: 2007, April 3rd.)

    I've been riding with Jason for a-little while. He showed me the basic functions of riding, and the simple balances it takes. He said "You need to learn to "Drop In" On a skate-ramp. Start out on a 2 Foot, 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot, 8 Foot, 10 Foot, 12 Foot."
    I replied, in a slightly scared manner "Uh... 12 Foot?"
    "Yeah, but that's after you've mastered the rest. Oh, you don't have to do them all in one day." He replied.

    I nodded.
    We rode down to the skatepark, on the way there, I saw tons of interesting things I've never saw before! Like, A Cop car convoy. Oh, and a 43 set stair case! It was amazing. I really felt the suspense of skating on the way there.
    When I arrived, I saw atleast 40 skaters, doing stuff that seemed to be impossible! Like Backside 180 Kickflips, into a Fakie Nose-Grind on a 5 set stair case rail! It was just amazing. Jason and I headed over to the 2 footers. He taught me the positioning, and what to do. When I tried it, I sailed down it all smoothly. It was a great feeling, learning a new trick. Really, it is. We headed over to the Four-Footer. God, it seemed so large. Oh well. Jason told me to do the same thing, but hold the leaning in longer, and bend my knee's, and prepare for something alittle more intense. I tried it, and bailed a few times. God, those falls really fucked up my elbows. Anyway, I finally succeeded in landing it. Haha! When we arrived to the 5 foot, I suddenly gazed at the 12. Holy shit, I can't believe people actually do that one! It seems to be 120 feet, instead of 12 when I'm up ontop of it! I landed the 5th and 6th ones. Without falling! I think I got this "Droping In" thing done. It really must've improved my balance on a board. It really seemed so much easier to ride after. Jason said I was a FAST as hell learner. I replied "Heh, Really? Seems I got a GOOD as hell teacher."
    We both laughed some. He said the next thing I need to learn, is the Ollie. He said it was made by a famous skater named "Rodney Mullen". Jason said he invented atleast half of the flip tricks there are on a skateboard, and he's a living legend. I was actually shocked at looking at Jason do it. It seemed to be so easy. But, when I tried it, I couldn't even get one inch off the ground. Haha, guess it isn't as easy as I thought.

    "Here, you have to scoot your left foot more curved on the tail, and hand half your right foot off the board. When the tail is popped, quickly slide your right foot up, and the board'll take off in the air." Jason said.

    "Alright, I'll try." I said to Jason, as a reply that was quickly filled in with a sigh.

    As I popped the tail, the board completely slipped out from under me! I couldn't believe how hard my head impacted on the ground, I almost felt my head crack open.

    "Oh, Crap! You alright, Adrian?!" Jason quickly said, while stampering to assist me up. It was shortly till he saw a slight blood puddle from my head on the ground, and shouted "SOMEONE! HELP!!!" As I slowly drifted off into Unconsciousness.

    Chapter III - Hospital...
    (Time: 2007, April 3rd.)

    Still Alive
    Still Alive

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    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  Westorz on Wed Dec 08, 2010 2:07 pm

    Yhea....tough it's an nice apply, you called Snake an shithead, i don't really think you'll ever get accepted, unless say a whole sorry story perhaps

    New Arrival
    New Arrival

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    Location : USA, Alabama.

    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  Adrian_Grey on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:17 pm

    Dear Snake,

    I am Sincerely Sorry for insulting you.
    I really think we should put the past behind us, and be friends.

    I've gone past my troll days. And I apologize if I insulted you.

    Please forgive me.

    Derek Steel

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    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  Derek Steel on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:36 pm

    Well excellent work man, you did put effort... and you have been trying much more than usual... lets see what Snake have to say about this.

    New Arrival
    New Arrival

    Posts : 15
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    Age : 23
    Location : USA, Alabama.

    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  Adrian_Grey on Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:21 pm

    Thank you all for the "Good" application comments.
    Well Known Survivor
    Well Known Survivor

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    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

    Post  snake on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:48 pm

    You have been Denied.

    I barely ever see you in-game, maybe once in a blue moon. You have a good story, But bad stats. Work on the Stats and try to improve you're Role playing skills as much as possiable and then you may re-apply and maybe you will get in.

    Thank you, General Snake

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    Re: Adrian Grey's Application. ((This, isn't a troll post, seriously...)

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